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Events for All Tastes and Seasons

Providing Event Planning Services for Farmers Markets, Wine and Microbrewery Festivals, and other Celebrations

Events Production and Planning Company in Virginia

Village Events, LTD

Village Events, LTD is an event planning and coordination company in Southeastern Virginia, based primarily in the Hamptons Roads area. We handle productions for varied events and celebrations, from big music festivals to farmer's markets.

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Local Events Coordination

We specialize in coordinating local events for local governments, farmer's markets, microbreweries, wineries and help them smoothly run various festivals. We also help customers plan for these festivals, including microbrewery festivals, wine festivals, music festivals, and other themed events.

How We Can Help

Are you planning a big event and overwhelmed with everything you have to do? We will take care of it for you. No matter the scale and size, we can help out by doing the behind-the-scenes work for you, eliminating the hassles of planning.

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Why Work With Us

Village Events, LTD has been in business for over 15 years, and we have established long-standing and positive relationships with several clients. We have years of experience coordinating and dealing with the logistics of different festivals over the years, which will ensure a hassle-free experience for you.

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